Welcome to Health-in-Box Registration for your Covid-19 Antibodies Test

All information collected here is retained by Executive Health Centre and the medical team lead by Elaine Chin, MD, licensed to practice in the province of Ontario Canada.

All medical information provided to us will strictly adhere to medical privacy rules outlined by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of Canada.

We are collecting information to:

  • Allow us to track your test package from your home to the lab
  • Serve as ‘back up’ to collection of demographic and contact information
  • Curate retrospective data about your experience with COVID-19, if any.

  1. Comprehensive information about the testing for and science about COVID-19 antibodies is located on the www.immunitypassort.ca website.
  2. I accept that my sample will be processed by CoreMedica, established in 2020 in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA, who specializes in minimally invasive testing. CoreMedica is a CLIA licensed and CAP Accredited Laboratory.
  3. My test sample will be run on the Roche serology platform. The lab will, at their discretion, if there is sufficient serum, to run your sample off the ELISA platform Epitope plate to provide additional information, for the presence of IgG and IgM antibodies.
  4. Testing of your sample is completed using a standardized laboratory technique in a licensed laboratory in the United States and has been ordered by a licensed Canadian physician.
  5. The Dry Blood Spot collection card does not require Health Canada approval and can be used now in Canada for collection of blood samples.
  6. Although the ELISA testing method or the Roche serology systems are the gold standard laboratory standard, there will be constraints given these types of testing systems are new to the marketplace. The overall sensitivity and specificity will improve as more testing is done with time. At present, the plates are performing above 90% sensitivity and specificity and the Roche serology system at around 95-100%.
  7. For active screening, we encourage repeating this test every 4-8 weeks, to ensure that we capture the antibodies levels in real time against exposure risks.
  8. I understand that all clinical data collected by Executive Health Centre may be used in an anonymized way, protecting my identity for the purpose of completing epidemiological research about COVID-19; specifically, matching symptoms/possible COVID-19 exposure to the absence/presence of COVID-19 antibody levels.

If for some reason, your registration at Coremedica Labs was not done properly on their portal, you authorize us, through this registration, to give consent to the lab to process your sample for COVID-19 Testing of antibodies.

There may be some duplication of information collection by Executive Health Centre and CoreMedica, but this has been done to ensure we have all the data necessary for immediate and future use.